The main result is to obtain an E-learning programme that will facilitate the implementation of Quality Systems for microbiological food testing laboratories.

The development of this project will allow to work in an European frame to obtain a product adapted to the needs of the trainees, which will incorporate ITC tools to make more attractive and flexible the acquisitions for knowledge,

Updating the methodologies and contents of the regular education to new emerging training tools to achieve a more interactive, innovative and attractive product.

The project will allow to set the basis for the development of more courses within the fields of natural science, engineering and technology, by giving an examples of a training programme with most innovative aspects allowing participants to interact through virtual platforms maintaining the learning process interesting and engaging.

The results of the project will also be available in the Erasmus+ Results Platform


MICROQLAB PROJECT - Training in innovation through the Quality System in Food Microbiological Laboratories
Erasmus+ programme

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