Project title : Training in innovation through the Quality System in Food Microbiological Laboratories.
Project coordinator: AINIA (Spain), Amparo de Benito (, Tel: +34 961 366 090
Partners: AINIA (Spain), ISQ (Portugal), KIN (Germany), IZSAM (Italy)
Key action: Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices
Duration:  01/09/2014 – 31/08/2016


One of the priorities of the EU policies is to ensure food safety by finding effective and integrated solutions and developing better ways of assuring microbiological security in food. An essential aspect to ensure food safety is the performance of quality based analytical controls that should demonstrate the adequacy of the products.


MicroQLab main objective is to develop an innovative e-learning programme on Quality Systems for food microbiological laboratories, providing knowledge acquisition and specialisation in the analytical area of food microbiology. The course will prepare the analytical technicians and researchers with the expertise needed to establish a quality system in the laboratory in a simple, interactive and comprehensive way, filling a gap in an area require for the implementation of a quality system and that involves applied knowledge in many different disciplines: statistical analysis; physical measurements; personal training, etc.

MicroQLAb, is an European Commission funded project, developed in collaboration with 4 European partners attending to the need of professional development for staff in line with industry and organization needs and objectives.

MICROQLAB PROJECT - Training in innovation through the Quality System in Food Microbiological Laboratories
Erasmus+ programme

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